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Discussion in 'Information and Help' started by xtechgamer735, Sep 14, 2017.

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  1. xtechgamer735

    xtechgamer735 Admin Admin

    Here's a list of all commands you can use on the server, currently in alphabetical order for the Basic Commands. Something like <player> means that the player must be specified, whereas [player] means it's optional.

    If you know about a command that's not on the list, comment below or send a msg or mail to DrakePork or blueberry09 or another Forum Mod.

    Basic Commands

    • /ah == opens auction house list of items being sold by other players.

    • /ah help == displays a list of auction commands.

    • /back == teleports back to last saved location.

    • /balance (/bal or /money) == checks money balance.

    • /baltop == checks top money list.

    • /colorlimits == shows all possible colors available to you.

    • /cplaytime == detailed playtime

    • /dye - dyes leather armor

    • /helpop == sends a message for help to staff members.

    • /home == teleport to home location.

    • /homes == a list of homes that you can click to teleport to

    • /ignore == ignores a player

    • /kit == opens up GUI of available kits.

    • /list == shows online player list

    • /mcmmo help == displays the list of McMMO commands.

    • /mail [send/clear/read] [playername] (msg) == send and receive mail

    • /msg [playername] [msg] == send a message to a player

    • /msgtoggle (playername) == toggle private messages

    • /pay [playername] [amount] -perform money transaction

    • /cmi paytoggle (playername) == toggle payments from another player

    • /party help == displays the list of party commands.

    • /ping == shows player ping

    • /playtime == shows player total play time and date that you joined.

    • /playtimetop [page] == shows top list of player total play time

    • /realname (playername/nickname) == check players’ real name

    • /recipe (itemName) == check item recipe

    • /removehome (homename) == remove home

      • Alias - /delhome (homename)
    • /reply [message] == reply to last message sender

    • /rt == teleports to random location

    • /seen [playername/uuid] == check when a player was last seen

    • /sethome (homename) == sets home location

    • /shakeitoff == dismount any entity riding you

    • /shop == opens up the shop GUI, where you can buy and sell goods.

    • /spawn == teleports back to spawn location

    • /stats == check player stats

    • /suicide == takes your own life :c

    • /votes == check number of votes

    • /vote help == displays the list of voting commands.

    • /votetop == check top vote list

    • /warnings (playername) == check player warnings

    • /warp (warpname) == teleports to warp location

    • /whowas [playername] == shows players previous names

      • Alias - /alt (playername)

    Teleport Commands

    • /spawn = teleports you to spawn.

    • /sethome (name) == sets your home so you can later teleport to it

    • /home [home] == teleports you to your home. When you have multiple homes set, it displays your homes and you can enter the home you would like to teleport to.

    • /delhome (name) == removes a home set. You can then set another home.

    • /delhome == removes the home from your list

    • /tpahere <player> == sends a request to a player to teleport them to you.

    • /tpa <player> == sends a request to a player to teleport to them.

    • /tpaccept == accepts to teleport request and teleports you to the location where the player used the command

    • /tpadeny == denies a teleport request.

    • /warp == opens a gui of available warps. Click on a specific block to warp there.

    • /warp (name) == if you know the name of a warp, you can just type this to get there directly, instead of typing /warp to see the list of available options.
    Chat Commands

    • /msg <player> <message> == send an online player a private message

    • /reply <message> == reply to the last private message you received.

    • /ignore <player> == ignores a player in private messages.

    • /pb join == Brings you to the paintball lobby.

    • /parkour == Brings you to the parkour lobby.

    • /event == Teleports you to an event. This command will only work during events organized by staff.
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