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Discussion in 'Information and Help' started by xtechgamer735, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Here's a list of all commands you can use on the server, the lowest rank required for the command is displayed in the front. Something like <player> means that the player must be specified, whereas [player] means it's optional.

    If you know about a command that's not on the list, comment below or send a msg or mail to DrakePork or another Forum Mod.

    General commands

    [Grass] - /helpme <problem> == adds your help request to the queue until a mod can help you, the request will be removed when you logout.
    [Grass] - /rules == Displays an url where the rules can be found
    [Grass] - /suicide == kills you, useful for when you're stuck and have nothing to lose
    [Grass] - /baltop == shows the richest players on the server
    [Grass] - /balance [player] == Shows your money on the server, or the one of the playername you entered
    [Grass] - /kit tools == gives you a free steel pickaxe and axe
    [Grass] - /ping== see how fast the server replies if you think it's lagging
    [Grass] - /rankup == ranks you up to the next rank
    [Grass] - /mail send <player> <message> == sends an offline message to a player that they can read when they are online again
    [Grass] - /mail read == displays your mail in chat
    [Grass] - /mail clear == removes all the mail you have received
    [Grass] - /pay <player> <amount> == pays the specific user the specific amount of money
    [Grass] - /list == displays all the people on the server filterd by their rank
    [Grass] - /ref <player> == If you were reffered by someone to skyprison use this command to give them 100 tokens, can only be used once!
    [Grass] - /pvp? == tells you if the current area you are in has pvp enabled or disabled
    [Grass] - /report <player> <reason> == reports a player so the staff gets notified
    [Grass] - /firstjoin [player] == displays when the player first joined the server, when left blank it displays your own time
    [Grass] - /store == displays the url of the skyprison store: http://store.subzeronetwork.net/
    [Grass] - /vote == displays the url of the voting website for skyprison: http://www.subzeronetwork.net/vote/
    [Grass] - /mod == displays the forum page with Moderator applications: http://www.subzeronetwork.net/forums/moderator-applications/
    [Grass] - /guard == displays the forum page with Guard applications: http://www.subzeronetwork.net/forums/guard-applications/
    [Grass] - /tokens == displays your current amount of tokens and the tokenshop ui
    [Grass] - /safezonemsg on/off == turns the safezone msg off in the prison when you enter/leave safezones
    [Grass] - /lastkill == shows the last 10 people you killed and that killed you
    [Grass] - /spawn == teleports you to spawn
    [Grass] - /tspawn == instantly teleports you to spawn for 5 tokens
    [Grass] - /lb or /leaderboard == Shows leaderboards for a lot of activities

    Player Market Commands
    - /shop create <amount> <buy-price> <sell-price> == Creates a shop out of the item you are holding.
    [Grass] - /shop remove == Removes a shop
    [Grass] - /shop info == Shows information about a shop
    [Grass] - /shop == Displays all commands listed above.

    Sky Plot Commands
    sky plots is a custom plot plugin, you can use it as a cell to store stuff and lots more, these commands only work in the prison server
    [Grass] - /plot create == Creates a plot, only works when you have at least 100$, the command is free. it comes with a book explaining the commands
    [Grass] - /plot expand == Expands your plot by 1 layer on all sides and 2 on top, this costs more tokens the more layers you buy. It will ask for a confirmation before you expand it.
    [Grass] - /plot tp == Teleports you to your plot, this is a donation feature
    [Grass] - /plot tp <player> == Teleports you to the players sky plot, this only works if you are added to their plot
    [Grass] - /plot addmember <player> == adds a member to your plot
    [Grass] - /plot removemember <player> == removes a member from your plot
    [Grass] - /plot resetlocation == Resets your teleport location, usefull for when you teleport in the void, this resets the location on top of the bedrock
    [Grass] - /plot flag <flag> <deny/allow> == flags your plot to improve dynamic plots, available flags: (not yet implemented)
    [Grass] - /plot book == Gives you the Sky Plot guide book
    [Grass] - /plot back == Works the same way as pressing a wooden button, teleports you back to skyprison to the location where you came from
    [Grass] - /plot publicspawn == Sets a pubic spawn where people teleport to when they teleport to your skyplot
    [Grass] - /plot== Shows the available commands and gives you the SkyPlot guide

    Creative World Commands
    Use /server creative to teleport to the creative server
    [Guest] - /plotme auto == generates a plot for you on the map
    [Guest] - /plotme home:# == teleports you to your plot, the :# is for when you have multiple plots. Replace the # with a number.
    [Guest] - /plot info== shows you the info of the plot you are standing on
    [Guest] - /plot add <player> == adds the player to the plot
    [Guest] - /plot remove <player> == removes the player from the plot
    [Guest] - /plot biome [biome] == sets the biome or shows you the current one when left out (you need to relog to see it take effect)
    [Guest] - /plot deny <player> == disables a player from entering your plot
    [Guest] - /plot undeny <player> == enables a player from entering your plot if you denied him before
    [Guest] - /ar check == Ranks you up. Ranks are by time played.
    [Builder] - //we help [#] == Shows a list of World Edit commands. Replace the # with a number.

    Chat Commands

    [Grass] - /msg <player> [message] == private message, leave [message] empty to enable sticky chat with that person that way your normal chat gets send to that user
    [Grass] - /ignore <player> == ignores a player in private messages and the chat channels
    [Grass] - /chat add <channel> == adds a chat channel for you to talk in and to receive chat from (if nobody is in that channel it creates that channel)
    [Grass] - /chat send <channel> <message> == sends a message to the channel (you don't need to be in the chat to send it)
    [Grass] - /ch qm <channel> <message> == does the same as /chat send but a shorter command
    [Grass] - /quickchat add/remove <number 0-9> <channel> == Adds a channel to your quickchat shortcuts
    [Grass] - /q0-9 <message> == Sends the message to your shortcut channel, if q1 is set on skyprison and i type /q1 hi there, this would show "hi there" on skyprison
    [Grass] - /chat remove <channel> == removes the channel from your chat list
    [Grass] - /chat list == displays the channels where you are in
    [Grass] - /chat default == resets your sticky chat and sticky message to the default channels
    [Grass] - /chat stick <channel> == sticks your chat to a specific channel, that way you don't have to type /chat send the whole time, sticked chat resets to the main channel on rejoin
    [Grass] - /chat focus <channel> == Does the same as /chat stick
    [Grass] - /chat prefix <channel> [prefix] == Adds a customized prefix to a custom channel (NOTE: only you can see this prefix) example: /chat prefix cookie [&dlovely_cookies&f] (Leave prefix empty to reset back to default)
    [Grass] - /chat togglejoin [prefix] == Turns the join/leave messages on network wide
    [Grass] - /chat color <channel> [colorcode] == works the same as prefix but then for the lines of your chat (colors codes can be found here:Color Codes)
    [Grass] - /lastmsg == displays your last 20 private incomming and outgoing messages
    [Grass] - /dndmode == do not disturb, disables everyone (except staff) from pming you, this option does not reset on rejoin
    [Grass] - /friend add <player> == Adds a player to your friendlist, they get a special color in your chat
    [Grass] - /friend remove <player> == Removees a player from your friendlist
    [Grass] - /friend list == lists your friends
    [Grass] - /friend color <color> == adds a custom color to your friends text in the chats
    [Grass] - /friend namecolor <color> == Adds a custom namecolor to your friends in chat (Note: players colored nicks have higher priority)

    - /pb == Brings up the Paintball menu
    [Grass] - /parkour == Brings up Parkour menu (only works in Prison World)
    [Grass] - /event == Teleports you to an event. This command will only work during events organized by staff.

    Grief Protection
    On this server we use a claim protect plugin, With a wooden axe you can select the area you want to claim, simple right click the first blockof the corner and left click the other corner of your area, then use /claim <name>
    [Free] - /claim [name] == claims the selected area as one of your claims
    [Free] - /claim list == displays your current claims of the world you are in
    [Free] - /unclaim <name>== removes the claim from the world
    [Free] - /claim info == displays information of the claim you are currently in (even if it's not yours)
    [Free] - /claim flag <name> <flag> ALLOW/DENY == adds the specific flag to your claim, currently these flags are enabled: mob-spawning, pvp, chest-access, fly, water-flow, entry, build, use, ice-melt, ice-form, greeting. You can find more information about flags here: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldGuard/Regions/Flags
    [Free] - /claim addmember <player> == adds a player to your claim so they can build stuff in your claim
    [Free] - /claim removemember <player> == removes a player from your claim
    [Free] - /claim custom == Enables/Disables custom claiming where it's not automatically set to sky to bedrock.
    [Free] - /claim detail <name> == Displays information about one of your claims

    Free Commands
    - /sethome == sets your home so you can later teleport to it
    [Free] - /home [home] == teleports you to your home, when you have multiple homes it displays your homes and you can enter wich home you would like to go to
    [Free] - /delhome == removes the home from your list
    [Free] - /tpahere == sends a request to a player to teleport them to you for 15 tokens (the player does not receive the tokens, the server does)
    [Free] - /tpaccept == accepts to teleport request and teleports you to the location where the player used the command

    Prestige Commands
    - /rankup == Ranks you up
    [Fire] - /rankup store == Stores all emerald blocks that you have in your inventory
    [Fire] - /feed == Restores your hunger, this is a donation feature
    [Fire] - /lc or /lootchest == Gives items, this is a donation feature
    [Fire] - /wb or /workbench == Opens a crafting table, this is a donation feature
    [Fire] - /spawn == Teleports you to prestige spawn

    Sky Block Commands
    - /island or /is == Either creates your island, teleports you to your island or opens up a GUI, depending on your settings and if you have created an island.
    [Guest] - /is help == Shows all Island related commands.
    [Guest] - /tpahere <Player> == Teleports someone to your location
    [Guest] - /tpaccept== Accepts /tpahere requests
    [Guest] - /suicide== Take your own life
    [Guest] - /suicide== Take your own life

    Donation Commands
    - /plot tp == teleports you to your skyplot
    [Donor] - /Horse == Summons a horse (currently broken)
    [Donor] - /pvp on/off == turns your pvp on or off
    [Donor] - /chest == opens your enderchest
    [Donor] - /wb or /workbench == opens a crafting table
    [Donor] - /spawn == instantly teleports you to spawn
    [Donor] - /hat == make the item your holding your hat
    [Donor] - /rainbowhat == get a color changing hat
    [Donor] - /namecolor <color> == change the color of your name
    [Donor] - /multicolor <name with colors> == change the color of every letter in your name (for a list of colors: http://ess.khhq.net/mc/)
    [Donor] - /dg, /dis or /disguise == disguise in different kind of mobs
    [Donor] - /donate == fixes your donor rank and the suffix if you donated a specific amount
    [Donor] - /pet hide == hides your pet
    [Donor] - /pet show== shows your pet
    [Donor] - /pet <type> == summons your pet type
    [Donor] - /pet call == calls your pet to you
    [Donor] - /mobspawners [details]== Shows you all your purchased mobspawners, the details show you all the placed coordinates
    [Donor] - /mobspawner place/remove [type]== Let's you place or remove a mobspawner while looking at an obsidian block.
    [Donor] - /mobspawnerinfo== Shows you the owner of the mob spawner
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