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Pending OliBoy's Guard Application

Discussion in 'Guard Applications' started by OliBoy, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. OliBoy

    OliBoy New Member


    :10, I will be 11 in April

    Timezone GMT+1


    Have you ever guarded before? Where?
    :I have never guarded before, so this will be my first time.
    Have you ever been banned? Why?: I have never been banned on SkyPrison.
    Why should we pick you as a guard?:You should pick me as a guard because I would love to guard the server. When I'm guarding on the server I will make sure noone is breaking the laws. I would stop people who is trying to fight eachother. Anyone trying to attack is going to be killed and jailed while I'm on. I will not jail anyone just for fun.

    I would say I'm active really much, and would be more active if I became Guard, because I know that Guard is a job. I'm also pretty mature, I would never fight anyone who have not broke the rules.
    If I was fighting my friends or anyone else, when they havent broke the laws, I would call it abusing. I know abusing is not ok to do when you are Guard.

    I want to be a Guard because I wanna keep the server safe, like stopping people from fighting.

    I know a bit about how it is to be a guard, for example that I'm supposed to use /sword if someone has their sword in their hand, and then they have 5 seconds to give me their sword, and if they don't give me it I will have to jail them. I will not argue with other players if they say I have done something wrong, I will say sorry to them.

    I will keep the server safe from weapons or any other things you can kill people with.

    Are you a team player?:Yes, I do play football, and I always help my teammates.
    I'm playing football pretty much and I think I can use my teaming experience as a guard on SkyPrison too.
    I'm not that kind of person who is trying to score a goal, I'm the one that would pass the ball and make sure someone else is having fun while playing too.
    If you discovered guard abuse... what would you do?:I would try to report it or take a screenshot, it would be hard to take a screenshot, but I would try. I could tell a staffmember, if someone was on.
    Have you read the rules and do you understand them?:
    Yes and i will enforce them as a guard
    Additional Info:I am from Norway, so I'm not that good in English, but I hope I am good enough. My personality is nice, happy, and funny.
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  2. Steviell

    Steviell Member Trial Moderator

    Good Luck
  3. OliBoy

    OliBoy New Member

  4. AoDraco

    AoDraco New Member Trial Moderator

    Great App Dude How you get picked for the Team! :emoji_grinning::emoji_ok_hand::emoji_thumbsup:
  5. OliBoy

    OliBoy New Member

    Thanks, hope you be come a Moderator too!
  6. As I said, I'd wish you good luck if you would ever apply for something, here it it!! Good luck, I think you will be a great guard and nice application! Hope you will get accepted!
  7. OliBoy

    OliBoy New Member

    Thanks <3! I would love to see you as a guard too!
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