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Pending Change the Disguise

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Derpykinz, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Derpykinz

    Derpykinz New Member

    Your IGN: Derpykinz.

    : Anywhere you can use /dg.

    : 1. Make a command for a quicker way to get your disguise on.

    Make it so when someone hits you or you hit someone your disguise doesn't blow

    Why should we add this?
    : 1. Whenever I get hit I have to go get my disguise it kinda takes a while especially if someone keeps hitting me it frustrates me because I have to go back over and over again to get it.

    Command Example : /qdg (quick disguise; goes to your most recent disguise)

    I don't think its necessary that if someone attacks you (or other way around) that your disguise gets "blown". I think it would just frustrate people if they have to go over and over again to get their disguise back (relates to number 1).
  2. AntonisThem

    AntonisThem New Member

    I like the idea of the /qdg, instead of searching in /dg your previous dg. The number 2 suggestion with the no "blown" It has to happen so ppl can pvp you in the pvp zone (They can atleast make it not to lose your disguise in safezone)
  3. Kiyan

    Kiyan Moderator Moderator

    Blow up has a reason for identify reason for staff/guards. We shall not prevent that. Anonymity is not always good.. (he just said it)
  4. Steviell

    Steviell Moderator Moderator

    Well the second thing could be done, but not in pvp zone. I think it should be disabled, but only for people with /pvp
  5. Derpykinz

    Derpykinz New Member

    Thanks for the replies and yes I do kind of understand the second one and why its like this.