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Pending Tvyxline Bugg Application

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tvyxline, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Tvyxline

    Tvyxline New Member

    Your IGN: Tvyxline
    Server: Skyprison

    Issue 1: Sometimes when I play on Skyprisonm, I buy some stuff and put them in chest and do alot of things. And sometimes the server "restart" or "Skyprison lost connection" And I join the server again. I come to Skyblock before Skyprison have not started yet. And when I join Skyprison again my stuff I haved for like 10 minutes later is in my Inventory and I have to do the same thing again with all my stuff again. But when this stuff happens my Enderchest is not change at all. So I have all my stuff in my enderchest that I had when it Restarted same with the Money. So I lost all the stuff and lost all the money I spend on the stuff. I bought alot of stuff and place it in chestes but the chestes is like 10 minutes later so I dont have any stuff. if that happens I thought my money should be the same like 10 minutes later. But I have no moneys. I spend 100k in the shop but now I don't have the stuff I bought.
    Sometimes is very bad when I build big stuff and take alot of time. And then this happens I have to do the samething again.

    Evidence: Sorry I don't have any Evidence right now but if it happens again i will screenshot.

    Issue 2: It don't work to claim. I right click with the axe in one corner and left click in the other corner. And when I type /claim House It comes alot of text in the chat. Se PHOTOS
    And in the chat they say type "/Skyprisonroleplay:claim" but if I do that It says You cannot have ":" in a command.
    Evidence: Se photos or test ingame.


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  2. Steviell

    Steviell Moderator Moderator

    We know about the first issue, and I agree it is very annoying. Hopefully it will get fixed.
  3. Tvyxline

    Tvyxline New Member

  4. Tvyxline

    Tvyxline New Member

    I think its before the Money-Bridge-Plugin is on a computer and they world is on a another computer and when the computer crash the Computer with Money-Bridge-Plugin is still on
  5. Steviell

    Steviell Moderator Moderator

    I dont think thats the case