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Custom Enchantment Information

Discussion in 'Information and Help' started by blueberry09, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. blueberry09

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    Custom Enchantment Information

    What are Custom Enchantments?
    Custom enchantments are special abilities that you can add to a tool or armor piece like regular enchantments in Minecraft. The list of custom enchantment names, descriptions and max tier levels are listed further down.

    How to get Custom Enchantments on Your Items
    There are three ways you can obtain an item with a custom enchantment.

    1. Enchant an item in an enchanting table.
    2. Win a custom enchanted item from a crate.
    3. Enchant a book with a custom enchantment and put it on an item with an anvil. To do this, you must click the anvil while holding the custom enchantment book in your hand first, so that it opens up the Runecrafting inventory, otherwise, it will not let you put the enchantment on the item. (Image is shown below.)

    Global Enchantments
    • Lifesteal - Gives you half a heart back whenever you punch an enemy. (Max Tier: III)
    • Blind - Blinds the Enemy. (Max Tier: III)
    • Deathbringer - Doubles your Damage. (Max Tier: III)
    • Gooey - Hitting your enemy rapidly causes the enemy to be flung into the air. (Max Tier: II)
    • Poison - Poisons your enemy. (Max Tier: III)
    • Block - Blocking with a Sword increases your Resistance. (Max Tier: IV)
    • Ice Aspect - Slows your enemy on hit. Has a Chance to freeze an enemy Player. (Max Tier: V)
    • Crippling Strike - Cripples your enemy on hit. (Max Tier: III)
    • Thundering Blow - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance to strike lightning onto them. (Max Tier: II)
    • Vampire - Heals you by half of your damage. (Max Tier: I)
    • Deep Wounds - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance of causing them to bleed. (Max Tier: II)
    • Charge - Attacking while sprinting increases your damage. (Max Tier: V)
    • Aerial - Attacking while airborne increases your damage. (Max Tier: V)
    • Wither - Withers your enemy on hit. (Max Tier: II)
    • Headless - Gives you the head of an enemy you killed. (Max Tier: I)
    Tools only
    • Explosive - When destroying a block that your tool was meant for you to cause an explosion that breaks similar blocks around that. (Max Tier: II)
    • Quickening - Breaking a block will give you a temporary speed boost. (Max Tier: III)
    Bow only
    • Bombardment - Bombards the Player on hit. (Max Tier: II)
    • Firework - The arrow constantly spawns fireworks for 5 seconds. (Max Tier: I)
    • Paralyze - Slows, Blinds and Weakens your enemy completely. (Max Tier: III)
    • Molotov - Attaches a molotov to the arrow, tends to start fires. (Max Tier: V)
    • Volley - Fires multiple arrows in a cone in front of you. (Max Tier: V)
    • Wither - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy. (Max Tier: II)
    • Piercing - Ignores your enemy's armor. (Max Tier: III)
    • Healing - Heals your target for 1 heart per level. (Max Tier: V)
    Armor only
    • Molten - Sets the enemy that hit you on fire. (Max Tier: III)
    • Enlighted - Heals you when hit. (Max Tier: III)
    • Hardened - Applies Weakness to the enemy that hit you. (Max Tier: IV)
    • Poisoned - Poisons the enemy that hit you. (Max Tier: I)
    • Frozen - Slows the enemy that hit you. (Max Tier: II)
    • Obsidian Shield - Gives you Fire resistance. (Max Tier: V)
    • Revulsion - Applies Nausea to the enemy that hit you. (Max Tier: III)
    • Cursed - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy. (Max Tier: III)
    • Endershift - Revitalizes you when severely wounded, giving you a speed boost and some hp to run away with. (Max Tier: I)
    • Drunk - Gives slowness, mining fatigue, and confusion to attackers. (Max Tier: II)
    • Cloaking - When hit, you gain stealth for a few seconds. (Max Tier: III)
    Boots only
    • Gears - Boots. Gives you a Speedboost. (Max Tier: III)
    • Springs - Boots. Gives you a Jump boost. (Max Tier: III)
    • Stomp - Boots. If you land on an enemy and would normally take fall damage, you give the fall damage to the enemy that you would take, negating the damage for you. (Max Tier: III)
    Helmet only
    • Glowing - Gives you Nightvision. (Max Tier: I)
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