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Completed Corrupt Enderchest Data

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DriedSalt, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. DriedSalt

    DriedSalt New Member

    Your IGN: DriedSalt
    Is it on the server, discord or forums?: Server
    Where in the server, discord or forums is the issue? (if applicable): Enderchests
    Issue: I was told the enderchest data got corrupted and to post a report about what I had in it.
    Evidence: I didn't have to many items I was worried about losing in there, however I did have 38 diamonds, a diamond pickaxe with fortune 2 (undamaged), a diamond pickaxe with fortune 2 unbreaking 3 efficiency 2 (half durability), and the "Firebolt Sword" from the epic crate (3/4 durability), I also had 3 stacks of cooked fish.

    Enderdragon head.
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  2. DrakePork

    DrakePork Head Moderator Head Moderator Forum Moderator