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Completed Fishing :(

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Derpykinz, May 2, 2019.

  1. Derpykinz

    Derpykinz New Member

    Your IGN: Derpykinz

    Is it on the server, discord or forums?
    : Server

    Where in the server, discord or forums is the issue? (if applicable)
    : Spawn by the boat.

    : I was fishing and i got a lot of weird text and particles came up where i was fishing. I also would not receive any fish or items.


    Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 8.35.55 PM.png image.png

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  2. Derpykinz

    Derpykinz New Member

    Sorry its a wee bit messy I didn't know how to work it. ):
  3. DrakePork

    DrakePork Head Moderator Head Moderator Forum Moderator