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Introducing SubZero music bots on discord

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by squirrelmail, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. squirrelmail

    squirrelmail Admin Admin

    Inroducing SubZero / SkyPrison Music Bots

    Put on some tunes and enjoy the game!​

    Whats new:

    You can now use the music bots on our Discord channel!


    • You have to join a voice channel, there are 2 voice channels in the discord server Discord. Once you have joined the channel type: <<play NameOfSong

    • To use the 2nd bot to listen to something different join a different voice channel and type: ;;play NameOfSong

    • To use GensokyoBot and listen to GensokyoRadio join the GensokyoRadio voice channel. If the bot is not in the channel type: ,,join
    For more commands type <<commands. Commands SubZeroBot and SkyBot are the same, SubZeroBot uses prefix << and SkyBot ;;. GensokyoBot only has 1 command ,,join
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