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There’s friends now?
9 months ago
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  • yessir. there was before I believe but it was more hidden. this time around it's a little easier to navigate
    9 months ago
    blueberry muffins > your muffins
    9 months ago
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  • raspberry muffins > blueberry muffins
    9 months ago
    woah woah woah... raspberry muffins exist??
    9 months ago
    I have no Idea. If not, we should make them become real
    9 months ago
    Yes, just yes
    8 months ago
    chocolate chip muffins > raspberry muffins
    6 months ago
    about 1 year ago
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    Heyo everybody. The Easter event is live! You’ll notice some Easter decorations on Grass island and at the Center. If you go to the theme room, you’ll find info on the Easter hunt event, but if you’re reading this I’ll tell you about it anyway. DrakePork has coded and created an egg hunt for us. There are 26 Easter egg heads hidden around the prison. They are in places accessible to Grass+ so that everyone can participate. Each egg is worth 20 tokens when found. To collect your tokens from the eggs, all you must do is left-click them. As you search and collect tokens from eggs, a message will pop up letting you know how many eggs are left for you to find. Once you find all 26 eggs, you will earn the grand prize of 350 tokens + 5 Event Keys! The event crate has also been updated! It now contains Easter prizes. Prizes to take note of are the Basketless Easter Baskets and the Easter Bunny Head Ticket. The Basketless Easter Baskets all contain 9 items so you will need 9 slots in your inventory for those. The Easter Bunny Head Ticket does not immediately give an Easter head, it gives you a ticket for one, so you will need to contact an admin to get your prize if you win this item. Lastly, since there may have been a few of you that already found all the eggs and opened your event crates before the event crate prizes were switched over, we’ve added a secret sign in the prison. This sign gives another event crate key, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for that and pay attention to its cooldown ;) Good luck hunting for those eggs and Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! (Decorations mostly by MiniAdventureMan and a little bit blueberry09)
    4 months ago
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!       The theme room at center has magically been redone and a little visitor has come by to say hello. It will only be available for a limited time so come stop by and say hi to our leprechaun Leppy. If you're lucky enough, maybe he will share some special goodies with you.   You'll also notice some new items in the event crate! If you win a Lucky item (it will say on the item), you'll need to contact an admin to see the selection of special prizes that you can choose from. Good luck and hope someone wins a Lucky item!
    5 months ago
    Here's a list of all commands you can use on the server, currently in alphabetical order for the Basic Commands. Something like < player > or [player/options/here/potato] means that the player must be specified, whereas (player) means it's optional. If you know about a command that's not on the list, comment below or send a msg or mail to DrakePork or blueberry09 or another admin. Last updated: April. 15, 2022 Donator Commands /pvptoggle == enables/disables your pvp. /enderchest == opens your enderchest from just about anywhere! Alias == /echest /prison == instantly teleports you to the center of prison. /workbench == opens up a portable workbench from just about anywhere! Allias == /wb /enchant == opens up a portalable level 30 enchanting table just about anywhere! /anvil == opens up a portal anvil from just about anywhere! /pets == opens up a GUI of available pets you have bought that you can summon. /disGUI == opens up a GUI of available mob disguises and lets you turn into one to troll your friends or random people, you do you ;) /sit == Allows you to sit just about anywhere and shows your avatar to be in a sitting animation to you and everyone else around you. Sometimes you just need to give your legs a break. /sellall == sells all the items in your inventory that can be sold to the server, for the server price. /sellhand == sells the item in your hand, to the server. /sellhandall == sells all of the same type of item in your hand, to the server. For example, if you are holding a stack of sugar cane but have 5 stacks in your inventory, all 5 stacks of sugar cane will be sold. /hat == sets any item that you can hold in your hand, on your head. /dye [color/hexCode/random/clear/rainbow/day/biome/health] == set your leather armor to any color you'd like. It also includes custom presets like rainbow, biome, health etc. /nick < name/off > (playerName) == changes the color of your name (colors can be checked with /colourlimits or /colourpicker). An example of using a Minecraft color code to rename blueberry09 to a purple color would be /nick &5blueberry09 with the &5 being from /colorlimits. This would look similar to blueberry09. An example when using hex color codes would be /nick {#purple}blueberry09 with {#purple} being from /colorpicker. This would look similar to blueberry09. An example of a gradient color name for DrakePork would be /nick {#blue>}DrakePork{#red<} This would look similar to DrakePork. An example of a custom multicolor name for DrakePork would be /nick {#blue}Dr{#red}a{#yellow}ke{#green}Po{#orange}rk which would look similar to DrakePork. Basic Commands /balance (player) == checks money balance. Alias ==  /bal Alias == /money /baltop (page) == checks top money list. /bottledxp < amount of experience > < number of bottles >== bottles a set amount of exp you have on you and puts it in an Experience Bottle. (This command must be purchased from /tshop in order to user. It also cost $0.25 per exp to bottle.) Alias == /xpb Upgraded Command == /xpb all - This is the last upgrade that allows you to bottle all of your experience, but must also be bought from /tshop. /buy == opens the online store in-game to preview perks. /colourlimits == shows all possible colors available to you. Alias == /colorlimits  /colourpicker = displays all hex color codes available to you. Alias == /colorpicker /cplaytime == detailed playtime /discord == displays the community discord server link /discord link == provides instructions on how to link your in-game account to your discord account, and will reward you with 500 tokens the first time you link. /end == Brings you to end castle. (Must have End rank in order to use and purchase this command from /tshop.) /dispose == opens up a GUI inventory to throw away items. (The permission must be bought with tokens from /tshop in order to use it.) /home (home) == teleport to home location. /homes == a list of homes that you can click to teleport to /ignore < player > == ignores a player /ignoretp < player > == ignores player teleport request /kit tools == Gives you the tools kit /list == shows online player list /mcmmo help == displays the list of McMMO commands. /mail (send/clear/read) (player) (message) == send and receive mail /msg < player > (message) == send a message to a player /msgtoggle == toggle private messages /pay < player > < amount >  == perform money transaction /paytoggle == toggle payments from another player /party help == displays the list of party commands. /pets == opens up a GUI of available pets that you have bought (either from the donor store or the zoo) that you can summon. /ping == shows player ping /playtime == shows player total play time and date that you joined. /playtimetop (page) == shows top list of player total play time /prison == Brings you to the center of prison instantly, regardless of rank. (Must be bought either with tokens through /tshop or donated for on the donor store in order to use.) /realname == check players’ real name (if they are using a nickname). /recipe  == check item recipe /removehome (name) == remove home Alias - /delhome (name) /reply < message > == reply to last message sender Alias - /r /rules == displays the server rules /randomtp == teleports to random location in the free world (/rtp in the nether can be bought in /tshop). Alias - /wild Alias - /rtp /seen < player > == check when a player was last seen online the server. /sethome (name) == sets home location /shakeitoff == dismount any entity riding you /spawn == teleports back to spawn location Grass rank’s spawn = Grass Hut Desert -> Snow rank’s spawn = Center Free+ rank spawn = SkyCity Guard rank spawn = Guard Island /stats == check player stats /store == displays the donator store link /suicide == takes your own life :c /votes == check number of votes /vote help == displays the list of voting commands. /votetop == check top vote list /tokenshop == Opens the Tokens Shop GUI Alias - /tshop /warnings  == check player warnings /website == displays the server forum link /whowas < player > == shows players previous names Alias - /alt < player > Alias - /alts < player > Chat Commands /msg < player > < message > == send an online player a private message Alias - /m /reply < message > == reply to the last private message you received. Alias - /r /ignore < player > == ignores a player in private messages. Minigame Commands /event == Teleports you to an event. This command will only work during events organized by a staff member. /duel < player > == Sends a duel to another player. /parkour == Brings up the list of parkours in a GUI inventory. /pa lobby == Brings you to the parkour lobby. /pa cmds [1/2] == List of all the parkour commands. /pa challenge create < parkour# > == First of three commands used for parkour challenging. This command creates the challenge for a specified /parkour map. /pa invite < player > == Second of three commands used for parkour challenges. This invites a player to a current parkour challenge. May invite multiple people. /pa challenge start == Third of three commands used for parkour challenges. This is used by the host when they are ready to start the parkour challenge. /pa leave == Exits parkour mode. /pb join == Brings you to the paintball lobby. /pb leave == Leaves paintball. /pb help == Displays all available paintball commands. /war join == Brings you to the war lobby when a war game is started by a staff member. /war leave == Let's you leave the war lobby when a war game is started by a staff member. /war spectate == Lets you spectate a war match when one is ongoing. /war stats [kills/deaths] == Let's you view a list of your war stats at any time. /witp join == Joins the infinite parkour world. /witp leaderboard == Shows the infinite parkour leaderboard. /witp leave == Leaves the infinite parkour world. Teleport Commands (For rank Free or higher) /delhome (name) == removes a home set. You can then set up another home. /home (name) == teleports you to your home. When you have multiple homes set, it brings up a home GUI and you can click the block that you want to teleport to. You can also type /home (name) to get there without the GUI popping up. /sethome (name) == sets your home and gives it a name for it, so you can later teleport to it. /spawn = teleports you to spawn. /tpahere < player > == sends a request to a player to teleport them to you. /tpa < player > == sends a request to a player to teleport to them. /tpaccept < player > == accepts to teleport request and teleports you to the location where the player used the command /tpadeny == denies a teleport request. Claim Commands (for rank Free or higher) /claim list == List of your claims. /claim info (claim name) == Info about the claim. /claim blocks == Display how many claim blocks you have. /claim buyblocks < amount > == Buy more claimblocks. /claim remove < claim > == Remove a claim. /claim addmember < player > == Add a member to your claim. Must be standing in claim when using the command. /claim removemember < player > == Remove member from your claim. Must be standing in claim when using the command. /claim addadmin < player > == Add an admin to your claim. /claim removeadmin < player > == Remove an admin from your claim. /claim transfer < claim > < player > == Transfer claim ownership to a different person. /claim flags == View/edit flags of a claim. /claim rename < claim > < new name > == Rename a claim. /claim expand < amount > == Expand a claim in the direction you are facing. /claim customheight == Create a claim with a custom height. /claim customshape == Create a claim with a custom shape. /claim nearby < radius > == Get a list of nearby claims.   
    7 months ago
    Hey everybody! This winter we're starting out with an advent calendar for the entire month of December.  What does this mean, you might ask?  Well, each day when you log on to the server, go visit the giant calendar between Grass and Desert island and then go to the square (day) of the calendar that is open. Once inside the square, click the reward sign to obtain your goodies :)  There may be 2 squares open at a time because the rewards will be available to claim for 48 hours, so be sure to come back every day or two.  Note that there are also some exclusive prizes in the event crate for this event as well.  This means you'll need a bit of luck to win those.  Some advent calendar rewards will include event keys for this crate, so that's another reason why you'll want to check the prizes each day.   Lastly, we will also be hosting some other events towards the end of December and maybe some in January as well, that were voted on in the last event poll.  Those events may be the snowball fight, igloo building contest, skin contest, and other hosted regular fun events too.  In these events, event keys can also be won, so you'll want to keep an eye out for those as well! Hope you join us for these events this winter! Fly High With SkyPrison ~SP Staff Team <3
    9 months ago
    No badges.