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  1. xtechgamer735


    UPDATE: Work Complete. Hello all! Just to update you on some maintenance that will be taking place, meaning the entire SkyPrison network will be unavailable. As always, the mini game server will be up in its place to chill out on. In the meantime join our Discord http://discord.gg/HA6uXx6...
  2. xtechgamer735

    Halloween Sale!

    Get 50% off everything in the store for the rest of this week! Store: SubZeroNetwork Store
  3. xtechgamer735


    UPDATE: Migration Complete Dear all, It is with regret that I have to announce an elongated maintenance closure. This is necessary to complete important and unavoidable data migration. Started: Sunday 8th Oct, 22:00 (GMT+1) Estimated Completion: Tuesday 10th Oct, 22:00 (GMT+1) Services...
  4. xtechgamer735

    How to Appeal a Ban/Mute

    PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE ABLE TO POST AN APPEAL WITHOUT REGISTERING To appeal a ban/mute, make a post telling us why you think your ban/mute was unfair. This is not an apology section, it is here to discover users who may have been unfairly banned/muted. If you are deserving of your punishment, it...
  5. xtechgamer735


    Here's a list of all commands you can use on the server, currently in alphabetical order for the Basic Commands. Something like <player> means that the player must be specified, whereas [player] means it's optional. If you know about a command that's not on the list, comment below or send a msg...
  6. xtechgamer735

    Approved Mods

    The purpose of this post is to define which client modifications are approved for use on the network, and which ones are not allowed and will get you banned. If you think a Mod should be on the list, please suggest it using the following template: Mod name: Approve or Decline: What the mod...
  7. xtechgamer735

    Welcome to SkyPrison

    Welcome to the brand new website for SkyPrison! To register, join the server at mc.skyprison.net and type /register for more information on how you can join. Since the site is brand new there may be bugs, please report them in the appropriate section using the template provided on this...