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Accepted ReTrOfR1 - Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban/Mute Appeals' started by kartik86, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. kartik86

    kartik86 Guest

    Were you banned on the server or discord?: Discord
    If server, state Your IGN:
    If discord, state discord name with 4 numbers:
    Reason you have been banned: It was so long I don't even know at the point. The only things from Dyno I have are mutes for "Be respectful" and "Mic Murdering""
    Length of your ban: Permanent
    Approximate date (day/month/year)of your ban (or how many days ago): 3/29/2018 (my last mute which i assume was around my ban)
    Why do you think you should be unbanned: Because it has been over a year and I want to join back and be with my homie Xxx_KartikPlayerBoy_xxX#9382 because he introduced me to the server and soy un loco poco

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  2. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Admin Admin Forum Moderator

    Ban revoked. Hope you've learned from the past.