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Declined Avriel - Ban Appeal


Sep 19, 2017
Were you banned on the server or discord?: server
If server, state Your IGN: Avriel
If discord, state discord name with 4 numbers: webo#8935
Reason you have been banned:"shoo"
Length of your ban:until 8/25/19
Approximate date (day/month/year)of your ban (or how many days ago):many hours ago
Why do you think you should be unbanned: what kind of ban reason is "shoo"? I literally killed someone a few times (<-- re read this after you finish reading) and get banned for it, like? if rule #2 was really, really enforced, you wouldn't allowed to kill anyone because that would ruin the game for them. But people kill people all the time, I don't know why it matters what someone was doing before or during the time i killed them (I was never warned for doing this).

As for any other reason you may say, such as
--"you claimed within 200 blocks of their claim", I want to see the rule that was made several years ago that squirrelmail made (that still somehow applies in new server?) that says that.
(I'll admit that one of the two claims i made was purposefully made to mess them up a bit, However, i wasn't warned for doing this either)

--"you were camping" Is it against the rules to do that?

--"you were griefing" In the time i killed them, I only broke 6~ unclaimed glass blocks, never took anything from chests (I might have on accident, but it's their fault for not claiming it, unclaimed chests are an invitation to take what you want because you're willingly leaving them unprotected, also never warned for this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

and also a little bug they noticed was they i was somehow invisible, i noticed my name to not be on the tab menu as well. And I thought it was awkward, drake did u accidentally put me in /vanish?


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Forum Moderator
Sep 16, 2017
I'm glad to hear your side of the story. I want to start off with, yes if we enforced killing players for trolling all the time, then there would be little point to allowing PvP, however, what I've been told is that how you were going about doing this was the troll part. You set home by someone else's claim and teleported back there to kill them, repeatedly. I believe there may be more to this too. I believe you were told not to do this and your home was removed from that location, yet you went back there and set the home to continue killing that person. All after you were told to stop.