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Approved Mods

Discussion in 'Information and Help' started by xtechgamer735, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. xtechgamer735

    xtechgamer735 Admin Admin

    The purpose of this post is to define which client modifications are approved for use on the network, and which ones are not allowed and will get you banned.

    If you think a Mod should be on the list, please suggest it using the following template:
    Mod name:
    Approve or Decline:
    What the mod does:
    All uses (inc extra features):
    World Edit CUI - A handy tool for visualising World Edit & World Guard regions (claims).
    Optifine - Increases performance for some users.
    BetterSprint - Makes sprinting easier, it's allowed since vanilla sprinting is already very easy.
    TooManyItems - Makes it easier to look up item recipes.
    Not Enough Items - Makes it easier to look up item recipes.
    5Zig PVP Mod - Does not give an unfair gameplay advantage.
    Minimaps - Does not give an unfair gameplay advantage, as long as players & entities are not shown.
    Shaders Mods - No effect on gameplay.
    Capes Mods - No effect on gameplay.
    Better Animations/Player Animations Mod - No effect on gameplay.
    Blocks3D Mod - No effect on gameplay.
    Gamma/Brightness Mods - Must not enable Full Bright.
    Compass Mod - Shows you your coordinates and heading in GUI.
    Any Chat Mods - That have no effect on gameplay and do not spam the chat like Tab Chat or Chat boxes.
    Any Protocol Mods - Lets you join outdated/updated servers. Most of this is taken care of on our side.
    Any Durability GUI Mods - Lets you see item and armor durability in GUI.
    Any Custom Content Mods - Since the server does not have the mods installed they don't work.

    Auto Clicker - Lets you click much faster than normal also prevents you from being kicked for AFK.
    Cheat Clients - Gives unfair advantage.
    Fly - Lets you fly in areas you shouldn't.
    Speed - Lets you speedhack.
    Kill Aura - Lets you hit people outside of viewing angle.
    Tracers - If they let you see sneaking or players outside of viewing angle.
    Noclip/Wallhack - Lets you walk through walls.
    No Knockback - Unfair for PVP.
    Full Bright - Gives unfair vision advantage.
    Damage Indicators - Gives unfair advantage since you can see player's health.
    Macro/Recorder - Can be used to spam the chat or commands since it records/plays keys or making an auto miner.
    Schematica - Unfair advantage for placing blocks and can prevent being kicked while AFK.
    Baritone AI - Schematica, autowalk, etc.

    If a Mod is not on this list, it means it has not been considered and should be presumed to be declined. Please ask below before using it to avoid confusion and possible penalties.
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  2. 5poko

    5poko New Member

    Is Schematica Allowed?

    Mod name: Schematica
    Approve or Decline: Approve
    What the mod does: Allows you to bring over buildings you made from other singleplayer worlds or peoples creations. Mod displays a layout (or schematic) on how to build something, or prints it for you (you need enough materials in your inventory to do so).
    Pros: Allows to bring creations from other users to your claim or land. Makes making farms a lot more easier and reduces time.
    Cons: Can't name any.
    All uses (inc extra features):
    ~ Allows you to bring builds from other worlds or peoples creations.
    ~Reduces time in building multiple things (such as farms).
    ~ Includes a printer which builds it for you (this is optional).
  3. Timi

    Timi Moderator Moderator

    I'd say that being able to see where to place blocks from builds is nice but the auto build feature would be too broken for survival.
  4. 5poko

    5poko New Member

    I agree, but there could be a rule where the printer could be not allowed (like the way they have it with the bright mod where you can’t use full bright).
  5. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Admin Admin Forum Moderator

    I'm going put it on the decline list for now, as it seems like it's too op for survival and seems like it breaks our rule of no anti-afk machines.
  6. Timi

    Timi Moderator Moderator

    How would it break no afk rule if you cant use auto build feature?
    Plus it doesnt move for you it just places blocks for you if we were allowed to use that feature.
  7. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Admin Admin Forum Moderator

    We'll look into it further, but later.
  8. Timi

    Timi Moderator Moderator