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Pending Slinger1214's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban/Mute Appeals' started by Slinger1214, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Slinger1214

    Slinger1214 New Member

    Were you banned/muted on the server or discord?: Server
    If server, state Your IGN: Slinger1214
    If discord, state discord name with 4 numbers:
    Reason you have been banned/muted: Using Inappropratie Skin
    Length of your ban/mute:Ten Years
    Approximate date (day/month/year)of your ban/mute (or how many days Todayago):Today
    Why do you think you should be unbanned/unmuted: I was banned becuase i used a bad skin and ran around at grass in it. I think you should unban me becuase i am really sorry
    i was trying to make everone on discord laugh at funny skins and i used a bad skin. I know that i have done alot of bad things on this server but i am changing my ways i have stopped critiziezing the mods. I want to enjoy this server like evryone else and be a diffrent player. If you Unban me this will be the last time i misbehave this way i just need one more chance too prove i can be a better player
  2. Synfil

    Synfil New Member

    i thought u quit anyways
  3. Vampy

    Vampy New Member Guard

    Maybe give him one final chance? But like really dig it into him that it's the final time? I can back him up by saying that he was just trying to be humorous but had a poor taste and took it too far. We in the discord VC were laughing our butts off and Slinger was just trying to keep up the cheerful environment. Plus he will keep spamming Dank to unban him so, spare Dank if anything lol.
  4. God

    God New Member

    dont say butt pls
  5. __Scared__

    __Scared__ New Member

    I swear to god. I honestly believe 10 years isn't long enough for you. I remember about 3 or 4 years back and how annoying you could be. It's time for you to realize that you shouldn't be unbanned.
  6. Synfil

    Synfil New Member

    jokes on us he's gonna come back on in 10 yrs and say the n word and get banned for another 10