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Bounties, Forums & Donor Updates!

Hello people of the interwebs. I've got some updates for you all today!
So first off we got bounties. Wow ikr. Basically you do /bounty set <player> <amount> to set a bounty on a player, and if someone kills that player, they get the money from the bounty. You can see all bounty commands with /bounty help, but here they are:
- /bounty set <player> <amount>
- /bounty list - Shows all bountied players
- /bounty mute - Mutes or unmutes bounty messages if you want to
You can also mute/unmute bounty messages in the settings GUI in /menu.

Forums have been updated! It has a new style and all that, but most excitingly, you can now link your minecraft account with your forum account with /link or /linkaccount and clicking the link. Linking your account does so your prison rank gets displayed on the website! Oh yeah, I also updated the forum rules to include a rule making it illegal to make suggestions regarding emojies on the forums, except for if your suggestion is to delete all emojies from the forums. You can also no longer register directly on the website, but must type /register in game to register on the website

We also got a new logo.

A bunch of new stuff has also arrived for donators! There is now a donator island which is located between Nether and Snow! If you have donated for the new server at all you can access this island. /Purchases has also made a comeback, and for those who don't know, the command shows you your previous purchases. Some purchases might look a bit janky due to me not being able to import purchases per package/item bought, but having to import purchase wise, which is why some of your purchases looks bigger. This wont be the case for any new purchases, and every item will get its own line.

Thats about it for this round of update announcements.