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The NEW Market is here!


The New Market has been released! Check it out and grab a plot to start selling or buying items from players! 

Prices for the shops are as follows:

1st floor plots = 14k/5days


Heyo everybody, we just want to give y'all a heads up that there will be a NEW MARKET coming soon to SkyCity! 

In fact, it's set to arrive on September 17th (which is in 12 days). This means for those who already have a market plot, you will need to clear your market plot out before ...


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!    


The theme room at center has magically been redone and a little visitor has come by to say hello. It will only be available for a ...

1.18 Update!
DrakePork10 months ago

Hello people! After quite some time since the last update, we now bring you a new big update!

Now the major part of this update is of course the 1.18 minecraft update, which changes the world height from 0 -> 255 to -64 -> 319!
Due to this massive change in Minecraft world generation, we have after a poll decided to expand the free world from its current 15k x 15k border to 20k x 20k!
We were planning on increasing it even further, but due to 1.19 closing in and it also changing world generation we decided to only increase it by 5,000 and then increase it by another 5,000 after 1.19 is released!

After quite some time, we have made a final decision on the 1...

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